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Growth of ZIF-8 Membranes on Ceramic Hollow Fibers by Conversion of Zinc Oxide Particles

论文插图 封面设计 | First Published: 2019-10-23

Yang WangHangliao ZhangXiaobin Wang*Chengxian ZouBo MengXiaoyao Tan

In this study, highly permeable α-Al2O3 hollow fibers containing ZnO particles have been successfully developed in one step for preparing ZIF-8 membranes. The Al2O3–ZnO hollow fibers consist of one thin sponge-like layer for depositing the ZIF-8 membrane and a number of self-organized finger-like pores for reducing gas permeation resistance. The effect of ZnO on the formation of the ZIF-8 membrane was determined. ZnO not only performs the function of seeding for the growth of the ZIF-8 membrane but also acts as the bonding bridge between the ZIF-8 membrane and the support to reinforce the membrane stability. Continuous and compact ZIF-8 membranes with a cross-linking structure on Al2O3–ZnO hollow fibers were successfully prepared by an in situ growth method. These ZIF-8 membranes displayed exceeding performance for hydrogen separation, good reproducibility, and outstanding mechanical stability. Conversion of ZnO to ZIF-8 membranes can effectively promote the nucleation and enhance the adhesion between ZIF-8 crystals and the support, thus improving the stability and reproducibility. This method can be easily scaled up and extended to prepare other metal–organic framework membranes because of their simplicity and high reproducibility.





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