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Cover Picture: Heterogeneous Chitosan@Copper(II)‐Catalyzed Remote Trifluoromethylation of Aminoquinolines with the Langlois Reagent by Radical Cross‐Coupling

Dr. Chao Shen Dr. Jun Xu Dr. Beibei Ying Prof. Pengfei Zhang

| First Published: 2016-12-08

The Front Cover illustrates the first example of an heterogeneous catalyst Chitosan@Cu(OAc)2‐catalyzed remote trifluoromethylation of aminoquinolines at C5 position under mild conditions.In their Communication, C. Shen et al. demonstrate that the trifluoromethylation products can be isolated in good to excellent yields using this method. Most importantly, the heterogeneous catalyst Chitosan@Cu(OAc)2 can been recycled many times without significant loss of catalytic performance. This protocol proves that the chitosan‐based catalyst can further set the stage for the efficient reuse of the heterogeneous copper catalyst in position‐selective C‐H activations. More information can be found in the Communication by C. Shen et al. on page 3560 in Issue 23, 2016 (DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201601068).



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